8 Lavender Essential Oil Health And Beauty Benefits

 benefits of lavender oil
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 lavender essential oil aromatherapy

Lavare, The Pleasant Scent

Lavender essential oil offers numerous health benefits including treating respiratory problems, enhancing blood circulation, disinfecting the skin and scalp, relieving pain, and eliminating nervous tension. Lavare is the Latin term for lavender, which translates as "to wash," based on its very pleasant scent. Lavender oil is mainly extracted through steam distillation from lavender plant flowers.

Lavender flowers are very fragrant and for centuries have been used to make potpourri. Historically, lavender essential oil was also used to make perfumes. The oil is quite useful in numerous aromatic preparations and aromatherapy as well as combinations.

 lavender essential oil aromatherapy

1Anxiety And Stress

Whenever people have really bad nerves they usually need an effective remedy. It could be either at home or at work. Lavender essential oil can be used to help calm bad nerves down.

Lavender-infused water or lavender oil can be used to help calm your nerves. It is effective at curing your anxiety. Spray or rub on the back of your jaw, forehead or temples as a preventative before you get into a stressful environment to help relieve stress.

 lavender essential oil aromatherapy

2Scrapes, Cuts And Wounds

There are very powerful antiseptic properties in lavender oil. Applying this oil topically to scrapes, cuts and wounds increases cell growth, which facilitates fast healing of wounds. The oil's antimicrobial properties help to protect wounds from getting infected.

Lavender oil can be diluted with jojoba or olive oil through mixing one part lavender oil with 10 parts of the other oil and then applying the mixture to your wound. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that herbalists use lavender oil to treat wounds. During wartime lavender was used for disinfecting wounds.

 benefits of lavender oil

3Acne and Eczema

Lavender oil has anti-bacterial properties, which makes it a very effective acne treatment. It also helps with improving complexion and balancing sebum production. Lavender oil can be added to an all-natural moisturizer or cleanser to help with reducing scarring or clearing up acne.

A couple of lavender oil can be mixed into a carrier oil to help alleviate the dryness and itching that eczema causes. It can also be used for soothing minor rashes as well as other types of skin irritations like those that are caused by environmental allergens or excessive humidity and heat.

how to use lavender essential oil

4Bugs And Insects

There are many flying insects that don't like the scent of lavender, which makes it a much safer alternative to many topical insect repellents. To help prevent bugs from getting into your house, plant lavender around your doors and windows.

Rub on skin that has been infected by burrowing mites (scabies) and then on a daily basis follow up by treating your skin with a rubbing alcohol and lavender oil mixture. Lavender oil can be sprinkled on mattresses to help keep insects away from your bedrooms. You can also use lavender oil to repel mosquitoes.

 lavender oil medicinal uses

5Acid Reflux And Heartburn

It works well to use lavender oil to help with digestion. Use it after heartburn flares up or following a large meal. You can also use it to help with many digestion issues.

Drink lavender tea following a meal to reduce acid reflux and relieve indigestion. Or you can try using some therapeutic-grade lavender oil that is safe to ingest. Drop on the back of your tongue to improve digestion and soothe your stomach.

 benefits of lavender oil

6Depression And Anxiety

Lavender essential oil has anticonvulsive, sedative, calming effects that are effective in curing depression and anxiety. Herbal remedies frequently use it to treat restlessness and promote relaxation. The lavender plant can be places in a corner of a room or you can put some lavender stems into a vase. The soothing aroma of the lavender will help to repel mosquitoes and relieve stress.

There was a Korean study that involved patients who suffered from terminal cancer. The patients were given hand massages using a lavender oil mixture and it was found that it had a positive effect on the patients' depression and pain. There was a another study involving postpartum women that showed lavender oil was able to bring down depression and anxiety levels without any adverse side effects being caused.

 lavender oil for skin

7IBS And Bloating

It can be very painful to be bloated. Bloating can be caused by bad bacteria overgrowth within the body. There are polyphenols contained in lavender that help to reduce bad bacteria inside of your blood, which helps to eliminate bloating.

You can sprinkle dried culinary grade lavender on top of your Greek yogurt if you are suffering from bloating. It will help to facilitate proper digestion and reduce bloating. It has been found that lavender can be used as an irritable bowel syndrome treatment, and bloating is one of the symptoms of this condition.

 lavender oil medicinal uses

8Back And Joint Pain

Due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, lavender essential oil is highly effective at relieved pain that sore muscles cause. It has also been shown to help relieve rheumatism, backaches and joint pain. Hong Kong Polytechnic University conducted a study that found that massage that use lavender essential oil are able to reduce an individual's back pain by up to 39 percent.

You just massage the lavender oil into the area that is affected, or if your skin is sensitive, you can mix a couple of drops of lavender oil with coconut oil before rubbing it in. Having massages done with lavender oil on a regular basic is an excellent way of relieving joint pain. It can also help to inhale, so you might want to put some oil into a diffuser before you go to bed. Research conducted on postoperative pain relief has found that when oxygen and lavender essential oil are combined it significantly reduces how much pain is experienced, compared t those who received only oxygen following major surgery.

Lavender oil bends quite well with a number of other essential oils including nutmeg, geranium, clary sage, pine and cedarwood. Lavender essential oil is now used quite often in different forms including soaps, lotion, infusion, gels and aromatherapy oil. Like with many other kinds of essential oils, breastfeeding and pregnant women should not use lavender essential oil.

Patients who suffer from diabetes should also avoid using lavender oil. It might cause allergic reactions to individuals with highly sensitive skin. There are some individuals who might also experience headaches, vomiting and nausea due to using lavender oil excessively.

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